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7 October, 2016

A special Wednesday night!

Last Wednesday 5th of October, Ink Lovers & Barbieri, an establishment from Santo Tirso (Portugal), was the busiest barbers and tatoo establishment in town. The assistants were having a wonderful time celebrating Quartas Armadas Em Sextas‘ first anniversary. The party had it all, good music, people having fun and Gin 5th in its four different colours and flavours: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

5th Gin was the one to welcome the people to the party, as there was the possibility to have a 5th Gin Tonic at the entrance of Ink Lovers & Barbieri. There was also a bar inside the barbers, so assistants could ask for another Gin 5th inside.

The party ended up being a celebration of 3 hours and a half of good electronic music. The perfect place with the perfect companions!


wednesday anniversary

wednesday armadas em sextas