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7 July, 2016

Garrafeira Gomes’ 5th gin tasting

Garrafeira Gomes, a drink establishment with more than 20 years of history in Portugal, was the perfect scenario for the Gin 5th tasting that took place on the 24th of June. In this gin tasting, the clients could try the different varieties of Gin 5th combined with citric fruits and tonics, creating the perfect Gin Tonic. Strawberries, lemons and limes were the Gin 5th companions and the ones in charge to give a fruity touch to the Gin Tonics.

It was an event full of color and fun, where 5th, as it can not be otherwise, where the jewel of the crown, among the 3.000 products or more that Garrafeira Gomes offers.

Garrafeira Gomes 5th gin tasting

Garrafeira Gomes tasting