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11 April, 2016

Masquerade Ball and Gin 5th

Círculo del Liceo de Barcelona organized last 28th of January The Masquerade Ball, where 5th Gin had a very important role, as the official gin of the event.

This private club has nearly a thousand of partners and highlights for doing activities related with the present and culture of Barcelona. In this occasion, Círculo del Liceo de Barcelona organized a carnival party where the assistants had the condition to cover its faces with masks, as if it were a party from the beginning of the XX century. Women had their best dresses and men their smokings on, splurging glamour and elegance in a ceremony held in Barcelona for the second time.

In this atmosphere of mystery and glamour, 5th gin fitted perfectly, giving color and unique flavors to the event.


the masquerade ball 5th gin






5th-gin-en-barcelona-con-circulo-del-liceo- the masquerade ball