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Shelly’s Rum Liqueurs

Shellys Rumbutt

First there was Shellys Rumbarb, now there’s Shellys Rumbutt – rum and peanut butter, of course! It’s a spirit drink combining peanut butter flavour with dark Caribbean rum. Mix it with raspberry juice and garnish with berries for an adults-only version of peanut butter and jam.

Shellys Winter

Shellys blends Caribbean rum with cranberry juice and festive spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to create this cockle-warming spirit drink. Serve heated up with cranberry juice on a chilly evening.

Shellys Rumbarb

What do you get when you combine rum with rhubarb? Well, rumbarb of course! It is this combination that Shelly’s has employed in its newest spirit drink, marrying natural rhubarb flavours with a hint of vanilla and demerara. A delightfully fruity twist on a classic dark rum, this pairs brilliantly with a splash of ginger ale and fresh ginger as a garnish.

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