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Wolrd’s End Rum

World’s End Dark Blend A dark rum blend from those World’s End folks, this one brings together rum from the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Panama. Whew, what a spread! The result is a spirit with a rather powerful flavour profile, ideal for those tiki cocktails you’ve been planning, or just to be enjoyed over ice.

World’s End Spiced Rum A rich, warming spiced rum from the World’s End range. Featuring a blend of Caribbean rums aged between 3 and 5 years, this rum has been combined with a specially selected mixture of spices to give it a full-bodied flavour profile and a particularly dark hue.

World’s End Light Blend A white rum from World’s End, the Light Blend marries column still rum from Barbados and Guyana with pot still rum from Jamaica. A great spirit to experiment with, ideal for cocktails such as a Mojito or Cuba Libra.

World’s End Navy 57 Rum Here we have the fifth release from World’s End, and it’s a navy strength rum! Navy 57 weighs in at 57% ABV, marrying rums from Jamaica’s Worthy Park and Trinidad’s Hampden distilleries. It brings a great balance of funky and tropical fruit flavours, and would be great in a rum punch.

World’s End Tiki Spiced Warming rum-based cocktails on the menu? You’re gonna want some World’s End Tiki Spiced Rum to go in them, we reckon. This stuff is made using aged rum combined with a whole host of spices, notably cinnamon and allspice, giving it a hearty core of toasty elements alongside juicy tropical fruit.

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